Somerset Guardian and Radstock Observer - Friday 14 April 1939

K1848 Moth Crash 7th April 1939

STRATTON. PLANE'S CRASH AT DOWNSIDE "OLD BOY" R.A.F. PILOT ON VISIT TO SCHOOL A pilot and his passenger had a remarkable escape from death when their plane came to grief in a large field on the Abbey Farm at Stratton on-the-Fosse on Good Friday evening. _. The plane, an R.A.F. machine, was piloted by WRONG P. A. G. Robertson, stationed at Andover. His companion was named Carrington. Robertson, a former old boy of Dewnside School, with his companion, arrived in te plane on Good Friday morning, and paid a visit to the Downside School. He made a safe landing at the field at Abbey Farm, which is owned by the Downside authorities and tenanted by Mr. Tapp. The - field was originally 33 acres in extent, but it is now separated through the centre by a wire fencing. In the early part of Friday evening Robertson entered the plane, with his companion for their return journey. The plane was taxied across the field at a good speed for the take-off, hut on reaching the wire fencing the machine, due, it is stated, to throttle trouble, failed to rise and, crashing into the fencing, turned a complete somersault and landed on the other side of the wire fencing. PLANE BADLY DAMAGED. Fortunately the machine did not catch fire, as sometimes happens in accidents of this kind, and the pilot and his companion were able to scramble out of the machine, apparently uninjured. The plane was very badly damaged about the wings, the undercarriage and rudder. _ _ The scene of the accident was visited by a hundred or so holiday sightseers during the course of the evening, and the plane was under a police guard until the arrival of a lorry with a breakdown party, who later partly dismantled and removed what remained of the wrecked machine._ _ Robertson, the pilot, a former old boy of Downside School, has been in the R.A.F. for some three years.
(G) P. A. G. Robertson was a pupil at the school the actual pilot was actually F/O Michael Lister Robinson 37300

The issue I have is what was he doing flying the Andover Station Flight Andover - He was not a RAF Staff College - Especially as "Robinson went to 11 Group Pool, St Athan on 30th January 1939 as an instructor and was appointed 'B' Flight Commander on 10th July."

I wonder who the mysterious Carrington was I can't find anyone with that name in AFL for 1939