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Thread: P/O Peter Corin BROWN RAF s/n 1800332 - Any information?

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    Default Re: P/O Peter Corin BROWN RAF s/n 1800332 - Any information?

    I have managed to download the 56 (Punjab) Sqd Ops War Diary from the National Archives. - multiple references to my uncle. Confirmation of his FW190 Aerial victory on his first squadron sortie!

    22 March 1945
    (1 Fw 190 destroyed)
    I was flying Red 4. As F/L Milne opened fire on a 190, I saw another break up and to starboard. Following, I climbed slightly to stbd. of the hun in a turn. Closing to approx. 50 yds., I fired two long bursts and saw strikes on the port wing. The e/a flicked violently onto its back and dived away below me. I broke stbd. and down to follow the 190. I could see black smoke coming from its port wing. I had to break off as I was under the impression that my a/c had a fuel leak. I found that the stbd. jet. Tank was not turned off. I last saw the hun about 5 miles south of Dummer Lake still diving N. at an angle if 60°. Cine camera not used.

    I claim one FW.190 destroyed.
    Sgt P.C. Brown

    He flew 6 sorties before the end of hostilities and suffered engine failure on the last one on 4th April 1945. He was observed attempting to make a forced landing near a location E of Friesoythe near Cloppenburg but the a/c was seen to break up in flames in to some trees in an area of forest. He was assumed missing / killed. A map reference is given as "W1390" (i'm guessing this refers to a military map grid overlay? ) A few days later some replacement pilots arrive and he and another missing pilot are described as "promising NCOs" and "are sadly missed". I'm touched by looking at the ever changing sqdn roster from the war diary. Seeing so many young men dying so close to the end of the war is a deeply emotionally experience.

    The squadron ops diary gives a/c reg numbers and Markings for each sortie he flew.

    He's back with the squadron promoted to F/Sgt on 23 August 45 flying an aircraft from Copenhagen to Schleswig.

    This is absolutely amazing information for me.. family 'heresay' has now been confirmed by official records.

    I'm forever grateful to this forum for providing the key information to get me to this point!

    Thank You!!!!


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    Default Re: P/O Peter Corin BROWN RAF s/n 1800332 - Any information?

    Okay I was clearing the comments from the "Main Site" and this one popped up - Even though two months old, I had read the comment only today

    Böhme, Peter says:October 8, 2020 at 6:07 pm Edit
    Hello RAF gentlemen, I am the son of the British Spitfire pilot Peter Corin Brown. Why can’t I find anything about him here. Does this website only concern the RAF related to India? I would appreciate any information concerning my father. According to my information he was a Warrant Officer and stationed in Celle-Wietzenbruch (1946). Peter Corin Brown was born on 05. 06. 1923. He has 2 daughters, Jean and Alison. This first as basic information. I would like to send one or more photos, see if that works. I am his only son, but (unfortunately) a German citizen, my father had no idea of my existence. He already died in 1983. Unfortunately I did not find him earlier.
    Best regards

    Peter Böhme (adoptive name)

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    Default Re: P/O Peter Corin BROWN RAF s/n 1800332 - Any information?

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