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Thread: Sub Lt S N Harris, 759 FAA Trg Sqn, Fife 801 FAA MAS 'Merlin' Naval Base Rosyth

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    Default Sub Lt S N Harris, 759 FAA Trg Sqn, Fife 801 FAA MAS 'Merlin' Naval Base Rosyth

    Hello again,
    I am interested in Seafire 1B A112 severing with 759 sqn as Training Sqn and 801 RNAS sqn based at Donibistle, as FAA airfield at Rosyth Repair Yard Fife 8.7ml NW Edinburgh, Lothian. On ?-6-43 801 Sqn RNAS 30 Fighter Wing Joined HMS Implacable on 8th Carrier Grp.
    I am out of my depth on FAA matters so could anyone please tell me details of his first name, also his FAA service number, home town and Country. Did he survive WWII, final rank and any claims please.
    Thanks for all previous help.
    Roy Nixon.
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    Default Re: Sub lt s n harris, 759 faa training sqn, fife801 faa rnas 'merlin' naval base ros


    This could be your man:

    HMS INDOMITABLE - Fleet Carrier. Commissioned in October 1941 - Sold for scrap in 1953,

    London Gazette 10 November 1942 - Operation 'PEDESTAL' - Gibraltar to Malta Convoy from 11 to 16 August 1942.

    HARRIS, Stephen Noel - RNVR - TSubLt(A) - MID - Investiture N/A (880 Sqn.).

    See: Seedie's List of Fleet Air Arm Awards 1939-1969/Ripley Registers,1990/pp.57-8. (see also p.4879).

    I think you mean Seafire IB PA112 (p.422):

    Supermarine Seafire IB PA112 (ex-AD357) Presentation a/c "Leicester Division" (See: Gifts of War/Sturtivant & Boot/A-B,2005/pp.65-6 & 231).
    Cv P&P South Marston 29.4.43.
    FF 1.7.43.
    RY 30.8.43.
    AHU Stretton 9.43.
    759 Sqn Yeovilton 12.43.
    Ran off runway, nosed over, damaged stbd u/c & prop, Cat X 22.2.44 (S/L GFH Hume).
    Windscreen oiled up, overshot, Cat X2 29.5.44 (S/L SN Harris).
    790 Sqn Charlton Horethorne 3.45.
    748 Sqn Dale, landed heavily, u/c collapsed 26.4.45 (S/L GR Todd).

    Harris has 18 other mentions in FAA A/C 1939 to 1945/Sturtivant/A-B,1995.

    A tremendous amount of work, cross-checking and recording!

    Can't see any combat claims in David Brown's, Seafire (Ian Allan,1973/pp.178-181).Might need a later edition.

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