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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for letting me join, and happy Boxing Day to all.

    I've found this forum's archive to be an invaluable source of information over the years, but I wanted to pose a question to the group that I can't find a ready answer for.

    I am researching an SAAF pilot, Anthony CROAD and am trying to figure out how he could have become injured/wounded while serving with an aircraft delivery unit.

    CROAD enlisted in May 1941. He joined 16 Sqn SAAF, flying Marylands and Beaforts in East Africa, in Oct. 1942. He left the squadron in Jan. 1943 and moved back to South Africa. CROAD then moved to Egypt, where in Mar. 1943 he joined 73 OTU, a fighter-bomber training unit. In July he joined 4 Aircraft Delivery Unit (ADU). He was with the ADU until Sept. 1943, when he joined 322 Wing Training Squadron. He spent the period Sept.-Nov. 1943 with this unit, then moved to 152 Squadron RAF (Spitfires) in Italy. In Dec. 1943 the squadron relocated to the Far East; CROAD flew in India and Burma until Feb. 1945 when he was wounded by ground fire near Meiktila.

    CROAD's personnel record records the following for July 27, 1943, while he was with 4 ADU: "Flying Battle. Slightly Injured. Bruised back, rt. arm and slight Rectum injury. 27/7/43 (Cable ad. 29/7/43)". His record shows a hospital stay that doesn't quite line up with this incident -- admitted 2/7/43 (should maybe be 27/7/43?) and discharged 7/8/43.

    I would have guessed that injuries suffered while serving with an ADU would be more likely the result of an accident, but CROAD's record specifies "flying battle". I am really not sure what to make of it. Could he have in fact been flying a Fairey Battle? Any thoughts?

    Kindest regards,
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