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Thread: 179 Sqn, Mediterranean Area

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    Default 179 Sqn, Mediterranean Area

    Hello Forumites
    I am researching 179 Squadron and itís Wellingtons. In the ORBís for the summer/autumn 1943 aircraft are referred to by individual aircraft letter. Is there a document that ties up the aircraft serial with those individual letters?
    Andy W

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    Default Re: 179 Sqn, Mediterranean Area

    This is what I compiled from various sources.

    No 179 Squadron
    ES986/F Skitten/Wick, IX.42. Also in 612 Sqn.
    HX379/A Gibraltar. Lost on return to Gibraltar on 3/6/43.
    HX444/K Skitten/Wick, X.42. Flew also in 612 Sqn. Later No. 3 (Coastal) OTU and lost over the North Sea on 14.6.43.
    HX474/O Skitten/Wick, IX-XI.42. Gibraltar XII.42. Also No 7 (Coastal) OTU.
    HX504/N Skitten/Wick, IX-X.42.; 'M' V.43.
    HX512/P Skitten/Wick, IX-X.42.
    HX531/M Gibraltar XII.42. Apparently also 'A'.
    HX629/S, Skitten/Wick, IX-X.42; 'Q'.
    HX641/M Gibraltar XII.42.
    HX641/J Gibraltar XI.42. Black painted undersurfaces.
    HX720/D Skitten/Wick, X.42. Gibraltar XII.42.
    HX732/E Skitten. Lost 11/11/42 (or 9/11)
    HX738/H Gibraltar XII.42.
    HX741/G Gibraltar XII.42.
    HX744/Y Shot down by Spanish AA near Ifni, made an emergency landing in Spanish Morocco, and the crew destroyed the plane 21.2.
    HX749/C Gibraltar XII.42. Lost 6/12/42. For aircraft 'C' scheme is listed: upper desert, white under, and it's either this or (more likely) the new 'C' coming on December 19th.
    HX776/B Skitten/Wick, X.42. Shot down from a British merchant ship in error off the Shetland Islands on November 8, 42.
    LA971/T Gibraltar XI.42. Fell into the sea shortly after takeoff from Gibraltar on July 17, 43.
    LA976/R Gibraltar XII.42.
    LB145/B, and 'X'. Gibraltar XII.42. Recorded that the 'X' was painted white XII.42.
    LB179/F Gibraltar. Descended into the sea shortly after takeoff to escort a convoy from Gibraltar on April 8, 1943.
    LB190/K Also in 612 Sqn.
    NB779/C Benbecula. Disappeared on 14.10.44. Depending on the source Mk XIII or XIV.
    HF129/D Chivenor. Lost in the crash on landing on July 7th, 1944.
    HF132/A Also in 407 Sqn RCAF.
    HF140/X Also in 407 Sqn RCAF.
    HF143/J Gibraltar. Attacked U-617 off the coast of Morocco on September 12, 43. Lost 6/24/44.
    LA976/R Gibraltar XII.42. V.43.
    LB186/G, P V.43. Also in 612 Sqn.
    LB156/L Back to UK from Mediterranean 27.4.
    LB190/K V.43. Also in 612 Sqn.
    LB178/Z V.43. Also in 612 Sqn.


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    Default Re: 179 Sqn, Mediterranean Area

    Thank you so much for that, Zoran - brilliant!

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