Hi all,

I am researching case of crew bale out from Lancaster and I would appreciate help with following questions:

1. Having only very poor xerox copy of Lancaster Pilot's Notes, may I ask if any member who has the actual or modern copy would be so kind and scan for me diagaram of Emergency Equipment and Exits in a good quality - 300 DPI or more? As far as I know it should be Fig 5 in Avro Lancaster I Pilot's Notes or Fig 4 in Avro Lancaster III Pilot's Notes.

2. According to the Pilot's Notes the main door should be used only "in extreme emergency". So the the normal bale out procedure for the M/U gunner should be to leave the turret, take his parachute from one of the stowages and procced down the narrow fuselage with several obstacles in full dark, pass the WOP and NAV table, pass the cocpit down to the Air Bomber position to the main parachute exit? The same would be for the rear gunner?

3. Anybody can suggest what was the distance which the M/U gunner has to get over to reach the front hatch. How long it can take? I cannot imagine making the way in full dark if the aircraft would be not flying straight. If there will be for example failure of several engines and the aicraft will be not under full control it seem to me like a mission impossible.

Any help and comments will be much appreciated.