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    Hello. 431 Squadron did not note any 2nd Dickie trips in the ORB during the Wellington period. It seems the only way to correct this issue is with a logbook. Would anyone know if any of these are out there or have a lead on any? Below a partial list of RAF pilots. Some pilots survived the war, others not

    Wynyard-Wright.BAQ 89802
    Hall.CH 80550
    Hine.DA 118483
    Smith.KW 182439
    Avery.JV 1041908
    Eaglesham.WD 148443
    Morton.J 159046
    Wilkinson.HHV 110542
    Esdale.J 160680
    Haynes.LJ 146865
    Sullivan.RD 146874

    Thanks, Richard

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    Default Re: Flying Logbooks

    While the majority of surviving RAF Flying Log Books are in private hands, now mainly family but also private collectors, see for example this recent thread and its various links re the various holdings of
    [] the International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive,
    [] the collections of the Imperial War Museum, National Archives UK, and RAF Museum:

    Some of the discussion is also included/repeated/linked in

    As noted there, it is unfortunate that only a selection of RAF Flying Log Books survive in UK collections, though for what seemed sound reasons at the time and only after serious effort to return them to family decades ago, recounted here:
    The adverts were seen as far afield as Aus, I recall from prior aircrew corresp.

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