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Thread: 420916 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-9-1942

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    Hi Henk,

    AB serials have quite a few errors in recording Master Cat E from the Form1180.

    In this case DK965 from No.7PAFU crashed on the 15th killing pilot Lane and injuring Fairles.

    Tasked with cricuits and landings. Duration of flight 25 min. Time 21.25 hrs
    Undershot on landing, hit a tree 500 yards from aerodrome boundary. A/c caught fire.

    C of I. It was found that the glide path indicator was incorrectly set.

    OC. Althought the indicator was wrong, due to the nature of the ground the tree was only 50 feet above surface of aerodrome and a considerable distance from boundary. Pilot should have realed he was too low.

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    AC1 David N. KEITH - 1695320, age 35 - the Berwickshire News & General Advertiser of September 21st 1943 (as already mentioned in post #3, not 1942) reported the following:

    Airman's Sudden Death
    Taking ill on a south-bound train, on Thurday night, an Edinburgh airman was moved from the compartment in which he was traveling, and taken into a waiting room at Berwick Station. A doctor was summoned, but before he arrived, the airman had died. The airman, David Noble Keith, of 18, Eyre Place, Edinburgh, was returning to his station for duty when he took ill. A Royal navy surgeon attended to him on the train, and on his advice Keith was removed from the train. Keith, a married man, was 35 years of age. He had been at home recuperating after an illness.



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    Default Re: The Unaccounted Project - Final Stretch Updates by Jon Heyworth

    George Olaf Clement 529445 , an RAF Policeman attached to RAF Ludlow , was riding a motorcycle from Tenbury to Ludlow and on the Tenbury side of the Little Hereford level crossing, he collided with a lorry driven by Charles Albert Weaver of Burley Lane, Craven Arms, when the handlebar caught the edge of the lorry front wing which deflected the motorcycle into the lorry rear wheel which flung the motorcycle for 25 feet before it struck the ground and overturned . Clement was admitted dangerously ill to Tenbury Cottage hospital where he died the same day

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