I am preparing an article on the Danish women, who served in the WAAF during WW2. It is possible to document that at least half worked as domestic servants in households throughout the British Isles in September 1939 (they can be traced in the 1939 England and Wales Register. It is my believe that none of the women volunteers left Denmark after the occupation by German forces in April 1940.

A Danish source states that at the time the employment demand for young women in the households were high, and work permits easy to obtain, while it was impossible for young men to enter Britain to work (except sailors). I have no reason to question this statement, but cannot find documentation in other sources. It has to do with the administration of the 1919 Aliens Restriction Act.

Does anyone of you - researching non-British Subject volunteers have any experience of this when researching these that might lead me to more information?

Thank you.

Mikkel Plannthin