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Thread: Flight Plan: Pforzheim, February 23, 1945

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    Default Flight Plan: Pforzheim, February 23, 1945

    Flight Plan: Pforzheim, February 23, 1945

    I am interested in obtaining the details of the flight plan for the operation to Pforzheim, February 23, 1945 if anyone has it. Only a/c from 1, 6 and 8-Groups were on this op (as well as a couple of a/c from 100 Group and 1 from 5 Group). I have the turning points but seek the speeds and heights between turning points, rates of descent, etc. In his audio memoirs, Dad recorded: "But boy, when we left that target, the place was loaded with fighters. Fighter aircraft. I’ve never seen so many. There was a lot of snow in the mountains around there and we were flying right over it and in the valleys and everything else, and we ended up going down to 2,000 feet and we were looking away up at the mountains I’ll tell you." So I'd like to check dad's memory on this detail.

    Dad never saw his ORB entry, but it records: "Route and tactics fair. Would have liked to come out higher. Rate of climb increased at 165 IAS. Bombing run good. Predicted flak and other A/C thru us off our photographic run." It turns out that on the bombing run most a/c ran nearly due East (90 degrees T). Dad's was 58 degrees, or ENE. In their ORBs 2 other crews indicated they didn't like the low flying. I know they maintained heights below 5,000' prior to bombing, but that is all I know. Often, after bombing, the flight plans call for sometimes rapid descents, and I can't recall situations when crews gained altitude after bombing.

    I have the Form "Bs" for March 1945 but not for February. I also have the flight plan for 62-Base for other operations, but only 64-Base crews were on this op. At some point, I will have a service obtain the Form B's but TNA is closed right now because of Covid

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