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Thread: Logbooks of Wg Cdr George Arthur Vere CLAYTON (33109) DFC

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    Default Logbooks of Wg Cdr George Arthur Vere CLAYTON (33109) DFC

    This came up in the discussion on the RAF SEAC facebook group. I have no commercial involvement in this - just sharing in case this is someone's focus area.

    A set of four logbooks belonging to Wg Cdr G A V CLAYTON 33109 - a DFC Awardee (Thanks to Amrit for the background research). With connection to Nos.201 203 240 Squadrons

    From the description

    Interesting selection of four logbooks for RAF Royal Air Force Pilot Clayton, who entered RAF College Cranwell on the 29th March 1932. The first log book starts with an entry on 6th September 1932 with a RAF passenger flight in Avro 504 and then several entries for his training flights on the Avro 504N, Avro 621 Tutor, Armstrong Whitworth Siskin & Bristol Bulldog, on the 28th August 1934 he is posted to S.T.S RAF Calshot with flying on the Supermarine Southampton Flying Boat & Saunders Roe SARO Cloud Flying Boat on the 27th March 1935 he is posted to 201 Flying Boat Squadron and then to 203 Flying Boat Squadron Basrah on the 12th December 1935 with flying on the Short Singapore Flying Boat until the last entry on the 27th May 1936 on Short Singapore K6908.

    The second log book starts with an entry for Short Singapore K4577 on the 2nd June 1936, on the 25th May 1937 he is posted to the aircraft depot Hinadi with flying on the Hawker Hardy, De Havilland Moth, Vickers Valencia & Fairey Gordon, on the 5th May 1938 he is posted to RAF Calshot 201 Flying Boat Squadron with an entry for the Supermarine Walrus Flying Boat, Miles Magister, Saunders Roe SARO London Flying Boat and several entries for the Saunders Roe SARO Cloud Flying Boat, on the 5th July 1938 he is posted to Manston with Avro Anson flying and then on 1st November 1938 to the School of General Reconnaissance RAF Thorney Island with more Avro Anson flying, the the last entry on 19th December 1938 Avro Anson K6264. There are then several blank pages.

    The third log book starts with an entry for Avro Anson K6264 on the 2nd January 1939, January 1940 onwards has entries for the Miles Mentor, Miles Magister & Fairey Swordfish, flying starts with the Catalina Flying Boat on the 20th May 1941 to October 1943, with entries then for the Fairchild Argus, Harlow, Avro Anson, DH Tiger Moth, Hornet Moth, Liberator, Proctor to 1945. There are just a few entries until 1950 when more regular flying recommences with Dakota, Harvard, Oxford, Brigand, Vampire, Hoverfly II, Dragon Fly, the 23rd July 1951 sees a De Havilland Comet flight with Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, Meteor, Sycamore, Venom, Canberra, Venom, Shackelton, York, Valetta, Sunderland, Viking plus more. The last entry is 30th March 1953 for Boulton Paul Balliol.

    The fourth log book starts with an entry for Percival Pembroke on 8th April 1953 and continues until the 17th December 1957 with a Vickers Valetta flight to Northolt. 17 pages are completed, there are then several blank pages.

    Used condition, with wear. A fascinating insight into this pilots flying career.

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    Default Re: Logbooks of Wg Cdr George Arthur Vere CLAYTON (33109) DFC

    I hope this gets snapped up by a museum as those log books are a valuable source of detail. Failing that maybe it could be digitised and made available as they do on the IBCC website.

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