The Monthly Supplementary Narrative of Operations for September 1943 has a claim for one destroyed unidentified E/A over Hanover by Stirling O of 15 Squadron at 21:57 hrs on the night 22nd/23rd September 1943.

If the code letter is correct this claim was made by the rear gunner Sgt Kenneth Dunlop, RNZAF and mid-upper gunner Sgt E. Grover, RAF in Stirling EE974/O with pilot F/Sgt E. Moore, RAAF.

There is no surviving combat report (even though there are combat reports from a/c B and C on this night) and this combat is not mentioned in the ORB. It is not unusual that code letters are incorrect in the Monthly Supplementary Narrative of Operations and I am therefore trying to get a confirmation from another source that it is the crew of Stirling EE974 which made the claim.

Thanks in advance