Dear Experts,

Am so far incredibly impressed by your ability to dig up information about my relatives, so I continue to throw more and more curly questions in your direction. This one concerns my late grandfather, George Prior, who was a mechanical engineer from Wolverhampton. He worked in various places, in France for the railways after WWI, and later for a bicycle works in Wolverhampton and for the Boulton Paul factory there, which I believe made the Defiant fighter plane (you can all correct me on this if I've got it wrong, which I probably have). My late uncle John, who was later killed in the RAF on a minelaying mission to Brest, also worked for Boulton Paul as an engineer before he enlisted.

During the war, my grandfather was somehow sent or requisitioned to run an aircraft parts factory in Gloucester. I believe it was called Charlesworth and Boddis or something along those lines. It made some sort of spare parts for planes for the RAF, but I don't know the details. Now, can any of you experts tell me what the factory was, where it was, and what it made? If it helps, I actually have a photo of the inside of the factory, with my grandfather standing in the background, but I don't know if there is a way of putting the picture up on the forum. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Waiting now with breathless anticipation!