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Thread: Bochum 4th November 1944

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    Default Bochum 4th November 1944

    I am researching my Dad's brothers RAF service, he was KIA on his 29th operation Stuttgart 28th January 1945. As part of the research I am documenting all the operations he was in involved in flying with 166 and 153 Squadrons. I am currently working my way through the Night Raid Reports on (an excellent website). One of the operations he took part in was Bochum on 4th November 1944 the report No. 760 says in the Enemy Defence section 'Peculiar projectiles were encountered over the target and on the long leg out, looking and behaving like aircraft; but only 3 of the 34 reported to have launched any attack and 21 were alleged to have been destroyed. Probably the fire of our crews merely helped in the self-destruction of the phenomena'. Does anyone know what this might refer to?

    On the raid flying in 153/N they reported a combat with a 'twin engined jet propelled aircraft' which the rear gunner identified as a Messerschmitt Me.262 (no claim), also 153/T claimed to have shot down a Messerschmitt Me.163. Can anyone verify these claims?

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    Default Re: Bochum 4th November 1944

    My dad was on this raid. I have an extensive write up on it that I can forward to you. I have had some discussion with RodM on this and he/.we have concluded these were ground to air signalling rockets to mark the Bomber stream for the Nachtjagd. Another possibility is these are V-1 rockets directed towards Antwerp. Also, Rod indicates there were no jet fighters operational during this period.


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