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Thread: 1-Group HQ Letter, December 30, 1944. Gaggle Navigation.

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    Default 1-Group HQ Letter, December 30, 1944. Gaggle Navigation.

    I am looking for digital images of a 1-Group HQ Letter, December 30, 1944 pertaining to Gaggle Navigation. The file number on the letter is 1G/S2106/23/AIR. Note that this IS NOT a file number from the National Archives, but the file number assigned by 1-Group.

    The context for this letter comes from the Form "B" for 1-Group for the raid to Hamburg, March 31, 1945. "LEADING NAVIGATORS ARE TO CHECK THEIR NAVIGATION AS LAID DOWN IN THIS HQ LETTER 1G/S2106/23/AIR December 30, 1944. NAVIGATION CHECKING TIMES WILL BE PASSED BY TELEPHONE."

    The issue with this raid was 6-Group aircraft were "jumped" by ME.262's and 8 aircraft from the group were "Missing". This was due to a serious error by one of the navigation leaders, which resulted the gaggle being without fighter cover over the target. I have some memos on Gaggles passed back and forth between BCHQ and 6-Group that pertain to this raid. G/C Searby was not impressed with what happened. I find the Form "B" for 1-Group is much more detailed on Gaggle tactics than the 6-Group Form "B" for the same attack.

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