Dear All,

I am reaserching the loss of Beaufighter L9797 that crashed into a row of houses in
Ashington on the 6th June 1940.

I think I have most of that story sorted now, however I am interested in a member of
the crew that survived, a Sgt Twitchen (590984). He was the Obs on when L9797
crashed, however I have been told by Ross that he was killed on the 10th September
1940 when Beaufighter N1146 went missing on ops to Bolougne. He is also listed
on the casualty dead of the RAF North Coates was memorial.

However, I am having problems finding him on the CWGC. Does this mean he was
something other than a member of the Commonwealth (Dutch/Norwegian?) or
have I not been looking properly.

I was also wondering why he would be the Observer in L9797 but the pilot
in N1146.

Any information would be great.