I'm looking for informations about Leslie ROBERTS, service number 14682, who was a Flying Officer in late 1944, early 1945, radar operator with No. 604 Squadron. His D.F.C. was published in the supplement to the London Gazette, 27 February 1944. The name below his is John Stobie SMITH, who was his pilot (149223), with the mention 'since deceased'.

J.S. SMITH crashed near Lille during a transit flight, on 2nd January 1945, in Mosquito XIII HK377. On that transit flight, ROBERTS was not flying with him, his place was taken by F/O Leslie Francis DOWLING. Both were killed and are buried in Lesquin.

I have found two combat reports filed by the crew SMITH-ROBERTS, and there's only a brief mention in "Those Other Eagles", page 553, in the entry for SMITH.

I'm trying to know more about Leslie ROBERTS, to know more about SMITH.

thanks in advance