Morning all,

This is my debut post so apologies if the subject matter is not suitable or in the wrong place as this is book related.

I'm currently researching RAF Uniforms of the post-war period and need some assistance with a few details and I am hoping there may be the odd uniform expert on the forum who can help.

A bit of background info, I was born into the RAF, my maternal grandfather served in the RAFP in the Second World War, and my dad joined up as an apprentice in 1944, serving until 1967. I was grew up next to RAF Chivenor in Devon and joined the ATC as soon as I could but didn't go on and join the RAF.

I am a graphic designer by trade and Ive collected RAF uniforms and headgear for many years - while I was furghlouged I decided to write and design a book on post-war RAF uniforms as there is next to nothing in print on this period.

Some of the specific questions I have are related to the following:

1. Dating of RAF uniforms - most RAF service uniforms up into the 1960s are date marked but some are not, such as some Tropical Service clothing - is it possible to accurately date and item from the style/codes omakers label?

2. RAF Regiment Field clothing - for example in the 1950s did the Regiment wear the khaki green 49 pattern battledress in the field? If not what clothing was used?

Ive added a couple of photos of draft pages so you can see how it looks!

Thanks in advance,