Hello All,

I have just finished reading “One of Butch’s Boys” by Philip Turner, the biography of Flight Sergeant JA Clifford. The book describes his part in the loss of Lancaster HA-C of 218 Squadron, which I found in the serials database to be PD374, shot down by flak over Duisburg. There are two crew member’s names not associated in the database to this loss; JA (Allen) Clifford the navigator and SK (Stan) Lee the rear gunner. Both appear in the POW database, Stan Lee with a minor typo in his name.

Would someone with the power to do so add and amend as appropriate please? Apologies if I have missed something, I couldn't see a way for submitting this enrichment to the data already in the databases.

P/O John Henry Tales successfully baled out of the aircraft but was killed by the SS soon after landing. In 1947, two people were tried for and convicted of his murder in the Roschen case (WO 235/333).