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September 1978 Issue Aeroplane Monthly Letter

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Sir, On December 10, 1938, my brother. Cpl Plt John Robert Daniel, aged 22. was killed when his Hawker Fury I, K8271. crashed at Chesil Bank, Dorset, during air to-ground machine gun exercises. After several successful attacks he apparently dived more steeply than usual before firing, and just failed to clear the 40ft high bank, which he struck with undercarriage and tail. The aircraft reared up before plunging out of control into the sea.

Following a recent letter in the Daily Telegraph, I made contact with two men who saw the accident, a Pilot Officer who was overhead awaiting his own turn at the target, and the Aircraftsman who pulled his body from the sea two hours later. I am now compiling a biography of my brother and of the ten NCO pilots who attended his funeral, and would be glad to hear from anyone who knew them.

Six of these young men were themselves killed shortly afterwards during the early war years. They were, with their squadrons and dates of death:
516460 Sgt Plt Raymond Grossey 42 Squadron, September 4, 1939 Blenheim N6199
517236 Sgt Plt Frank Ernest Waller 66 Squadron, December 14, 1939 Spitfire N3031
516141 Sgt Plt Edward William Aiden Peachey, RAF 566141, 220 Squadron. April 24, 1940 (Hudson N7285)
565282 Sqt Plt Eric Howard Paul 83 Squadron, June 6, 1940 Hampden P1348,
566166 Sgt Plt Dennis Derrick Raymond Hodson 105 Squadron, September 9, 1940 Blenheim T1894
516218 WO Arthur Norman Mowlam 144 Squadron. January 31, 1942 Hampden I AT149

My brother was 566250 Cpl John Robert Daniel of No 9 FTS, Hullavington, and was flying from Warmwell. He had been a Cranwell Apprentice (January 1933) and had served with Air HQ Hinaidi, Iraq. during 1937. I have yet to hear anything of the four pilots who apparently survived the war. They are:

A. I. Doig, Alexander Ivan Doig 565057 PoW 137 Sqn 23 Jan 1943 Whirlwind P7054
W. Boyd, Possibly William Boyd 566130 later #50684 7th Jan 1942
O. W. Hart (or D. W. Hart) Possibly Derrick Walter Hart 578374
and L. H. Webb. ? Possibly Leslie Cameron Webb 568350 B.E.M. (568350) and MiD

All these men would have joined the RAF in the early or middle 'thirties. Any news of them would be very welcome.

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