Hi all,

Have just been going through some family photos and have found a group shot of about forty young gents in uniform. The caption on the back reads:

"B" Flight "2" Squadron
No 8 I.T.W.
October 7th 1942

My uncle, John Prior, is standing in the back row, but the other men are not named.

Can anyone tell me what the context of this photograph might be? I'd say it is some sort of training course; there are a couple of older men in the front row who look like they might be instructors.

It is a great photo--all the faces are clear, and it is in excellent condition. If anyone would like a copy of this picture, I would be delighted to scan it for them. Please just send me a private message and I will arrange it for you. Would also be interested to know if anyone could identify any of the other men in the picture.