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Thread: RCAF & Beaufighters in WW2

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    Default RCAF & Beaufighters in WW2

    Hi I am researching my late husbands father, who was a canadian flyer. I belive he was based at some time at either Drem or East Fortune airfields. I have a phot of him and anothe rperson, on the back it says PO Johnson & FO Greenwood, the planes name looks like "Fearless Freddie"
    From my reseach it looks like either squadron 410, which looks likely as I believe he came from Alberta, or maybe squad 600, or 96.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    The excellent Manitoba Military Aviation Museum site ( has this *.pdf file for 410 Sqn:

    (Cut and paste link into browser, wait for it to load, save)

    410 was certainly at Drem for a spell.

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    Default re squad 410

    Hi, thanks for that I will check it out


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