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Thread: F/Lt Mitchell 21 Squadron RAF Malta WW2

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    Default Re: F/Lt Mitchell 21 Squadron RAF Malta WW2

    As you know your man was a Pilot Officer in October/November 1941 would it not be easier to attack it from that angle. Subsequent promotions especially that quick as to be a Flight Lieutenant by February 1942 will almost certainly involve acting or temporary ranks which are not recorded in AFL. The AFL for November 1941 shows the following G.D. Pilot Officers

    Alexander MacGregor Mennie MITCHELL 105146 RAFVR seniority 03/09/41. Killed 20/05/42 with 29 Squadron

    Arthur Page MITCHELL 43977 RAF (2nd Lt R.A.) seniority 01/07/40 to F/O wef 01/07/41. Killed 15/08/41 218 Squadron

    David Cooper MITCHELL 69439 RAFVR seniority 23/06/41 to F/O wef 26/06/42 to F/Lt wef 26/06/43. A P/O D C Mitchell served on 65 and 274 Squadrons throughout 1940 to 1942

    George Edward MITCHELL 103050 RAFVR seniority 16/08/41 to F/O wef 16/08/42 to F/Lt wef 16/08/43. Awarded the DFC 23/03/1945 while A/S/Ldr 622 Sqdn. I do not know where he was prior to this

    Ian Good MITCHELL 88667 RAFVR seniority 03/11/40 Killed 17/08/41 with 22 Squadron

    John Victor Charles MITCHELL 101021 RAFVR seniority 10/06/41 to F/O wef 10/02/42 to F/Lt 08/06/43. Served 66, 222 (Sep 1941 still there in November), 282 and 277 Squadrons

    Peter Cecil MITCHELL 101554 RAFVR seniority 03/07/41 to F/O wef 03/07/42 resigned commission 08/04/43

    Richard Angelo MITCHELL 62259 RAFVR seniority 12/03/41 to F/O wef 12/03/42 awarded DFC 04/12/42 whilst A/S/Ldr 249 Squadron. To S/Ldr wef 18/04/43. Awarded bar to DFC 07/07/44 whilst A/W/Cdr 605 Sqdn. Appears to have been on 64 Sqdn in Feb 1942

    Richard Ronald MITCHELL 45093 RAF seniority 29/11/40 to F/O wef 29/11/41 to F/Lt wef 29/11/43. Awarded DFC 19/09/44 while A/S/Ldr 33 Sqdn. Awarded MBE 01/01/46. You have already ruled him out.

    It would therefore appear unlikely to be any of these though George Edward and Peter Cecil remains possibilities. There is also of course the possibility that he was from the Commonwealth ie Australia, New Zealand, Canada air forces in which case he could be very difficult to identify.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help


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    Default Re: F/Lt Mitchell 21 Squadron RAF Malta WW2

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for that, and you're on the money because it would appear to be Acting F/L Peter Cecil MITCHELL, 101554
    This comes from two pieces of information:

    1. AIR 28_503: Luqa ORB - February 1942
    Date Summary of Events (21 Sqdn only)
    1/2/1942 5 Blenheims (S/L Stewart, P/O Mitchell, Sgt. Ibbetson, P/O Workman, Sgt Cameron). Low level attack on Tamet ‘drome – failed to locate
    3/2/42 6 Blenheims (W/C Selkirk, P/O Workman, Sgt Houston, F/L Booth, Sgt Dagnall, Sgt Ibbetson). Palermo shipping
    4/2/42 6 Blenheims (*W/C Selkirk, *P/O Workman, *Sgt Houston, F/L Booth, Sgt Dagnall, *Sgt Ibbetson). Palermo Harbour. *failed to return (4)
    6/2/42 4 Blenheims (*S/L Stewart, *P/O Grieve, F/L Mitchell, *Sgt Cameron). Shipping at Buerat (Libya). (*Failed to return) [3]
    On the 1st of Feb. 1942, he’s referred to as P/O Mitchell, but on the 6th of Feb., he’s referred to as F/L Mitchell, so there was a promotion in the interval.

    2. It’s reported in (one of the two volumes of) the RAF Malta ORB, on page 104 that P. C. MITCHELL was promoted from P/Off. to A/F/Lt. on 1. 2. 1942

    (Special thanks to Tony Rogers)


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