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Thread: Help with my grandfather’s service record.

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    Default Re: Help with my grandfather’s service record.

    Medical grading is as follows:

    A - fitness for air duties
    A1 - full flying duties
    A2 - limited flying duties (eg duration, height, aerobatics, light aircraft, singe engine, dual as denoted by medical board)
    A3 - combatant passenger
    A4 - non-combatant passenger

    B - fitness for ground duties.

    So the RCAF did not grade him with duties A1, A2 or A3 but A4 meaning that if his unit was moved he could travel with the Air Party in a similar way that you can travel by air on a passenger aircraft today.

    However in the UK 1943 the RAF had little need for aircrew in category A4, what employment fell into that category was mostly provided by Civilian Firms or Air Transport Auxiliary operating under BOAC contract conditions.

    All of this would have been discussed with him prior to re-mustering as Photo trade as was considered such a change in enlistment conditions that he would have been offered the initial choice of staying in RAF or returning to civi life and being subject to call up by other service arms.

    If his initial choice was to stay in the RAF then he would have been assessed and offered trade(s) based on his aptitude and availability of place.

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    Default Re: Help with my grandfather’s service record.

    Thanks for the explanation.

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