I'm trying to find detail of a claim made by W/O Gerald Palmerson McCully R84885 RCAF serving with 145 squadron - his Sortie Report for 30/3/44 in the Anzio area (from Spitfireperformance.com) has the following

"I and my No.2 were flying below cloud at approx. 4,000' following reports of 4 E/A given by Grubstake and shortly saw 2 FW 190's (Long nose) come out of cloud and fly SE. I gave chase and got to within 500 yards of one when it suddenly broke up to starboard. The other carried on in a shallow dive to port and was followed by my No.2. I followed the E/A up to starboard to just below the cloud when he did a 360 ° turn and few S. After a couple of minutes I caught him up and fired from 300 yards astern without seeing strikes. I then closed to 200-250 yards and fired again seeing strikes on his port wing root and he began to stream glycol. When 150 yards away I fired again – a long burst – hitting the engine cowling and the cockpit. The E/A then blew up and spun down in flames at approx. M.1298. I fired 320 x .303, 200 x 20mm.

I claim 1 FW 190 (Long nose) Destroyed. (Confirmed by F/L. Blackburn)"

The write up does seem very clear and doesn't sound like one that limped back home - I noticed a recent auction for a logbook etc of another Squadron Member (R H Orlebar) which mentions "W/O Jerry McCully (Canada) destroyed a long nosed 190, and F/O ‘Brook’ Harrington got a probable and a damaged (long-nosed 190s) this morning before breakfast off Anzio these were both later confirmed as ‘destroyed’ by ships"

From speaking to a mate who is a lot more knowledgeable than me on the German side of things than me (wouldn't be hard) and has a good reference library it wouldn't have been a Long Nose FW190 as those didn't operate in the area and he can't find a matching loss - does anyone have any details of a loss that ties in with the claim? or any further details? anything on McCully would be useful - I know he had been with 411 Squadron in 1942 - and I am currently grabbing the relevant ORB's

Thanks in advance