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Thread: Records of Medal Recipients - 1680 Flt

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    Default Re: records of medal recipients

    Great information Hugh, opens my eyes a bit more on my late fathers flying as he would have been accompanying F/L Hankins on these flights. Although the Citation puts him as communication pilot from October 1941 as I replied earlier to Simon my father paired with him from 14th August 1941 as a private crew for ACM Sir W.Mitchell within Station Flight Abbotsinch flying virtually daily until June 1942 and often till October 1942 when he is shown in my fathers log book as becoming Squadron Leader.

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    Default Re: records of medal recipients

    I've just stumbled across this thread while researching John Annesley Hankins and was wondering if anybody could clear something up for me.

    I note there are two citations supplied for Hankins with one for John Annesley Hankins and the second for John Anthony Hankins. However, could this be an error in the middle name and were both awards to John Annesley Hankins?

    John Annesley Hankins has his AFC listed in the LG in 01/01/1943:

    With the King's Commendation dated 01/09/1944:

    I'm struggling to find a John Anthony Hawkins, and as a result I'm guessing that both citations are for John Annesley Hawkins.

    Any thoughts would be great.


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