A query for Wellington enthusiasts: In early 1943, 215 Squadron was operating the Wellington Ic in India.

The ORB records operations by HF857 'J' on 16 April and 22/23 April 1943. Then in July 1943, HF851 'J' operates on 21, 22, 23 and 31 July.

Now I assume the latter serial, '851, is a typo for '857, as Mk Ic HF851 was lost on 15 July 1942 operating with 104 Squadron.

However, is HF857 correct? It was a Mk VIII not a Mk Ic and according to Air Britain it served with 1443 Flight / 211 (not a Wellington squadron at any time) / 38 (Wellingtons in UK and ME).

Any suggestions to solve this gratefully received,