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Thread: Wattisham station ORB appendix for 21st May 1941

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    Default Wattisham station ORB appendix for 21st May 1941


    A few years ago, I found the individual letter of a No. 110 Squadron Blenheim IV in the intelligence forms (form B and form D) of Wattisham station ORB's appendix, for May 1940.

    Due to the covid19 and brexit difficulties, I'm unable to travel to Kew to check Wattisham ORB's appendix for May 1941, in connection with the loss of Blenheim IV V6390, in the hope that the individual letter code of that Blenheim could be mentioned in the station intelligence forms.

    Thanks in advance to a forum member who may happen to have that appendix in his possession. Référence is AIR 28/901 and it's not digitised.

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