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Thread: 400724 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-07-1940

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    Default 400724 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-07-1940


    400724 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-07-1940

    From Henk's List -

    EDWARDS, Alan- AC1c - 633370 - RAF.
    Aberdaron (St. Hywyn ) New Churchyard, Caernarvonshire.
    Cause of death ?

    RUSSELL, Norman - AC2c - 985754 - RAFVR.
    Hull Northern Cemetery, Yorkshire.
    938 Balloon Sqn.
    Cause of death reportedly a motorcycle accident with his girlfriend when in collision with an Army Lorry.

    From CWGC -

    ALLEN, John Lawrence - P/O - 70008 - RAF - DFC.
    Spitfire Ia - R6812 - 54 Sqn.
    SCHAUFF, Josef - GAF.
    Cause of death ?
    The two airmen named above rest at Margate Cemetery, Kent.

    WACHHOLZ, Willi - GAF.
    Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
    Cause of death ?

    COOPER-KEY, Aston Maurice - P/O - 40802 - RAF.
    Scopwick Church Burial Ground, Lincolnshire.
    Hurricane I - P2685 - 46 Sqn.

    HAMAR, Jack Royston - P/O - 70898 - RAF - DFC.
    Knighton Cemetery, Radnorshire.
    Hurricane I - P3316 - 151 Sqn.

    EVERITT, Maurice Vivian - Sgt - 654354 - RAF.
    Benson (St. Helen ) Churchyard Extension, Oxfordshire.
    WOOD, Eric Purdy - Sgt - 755876 - RAFVR.
    Conisbrough Cemetery, Yorkshire.
    MORTIMER, Charles George - Midshipman (A) - HMS Daedalus - RN.
    St. Pancras Cemetery, Middlesex.
    These three airmen were crew of Battle - L5482 - 12 OTU.

    HEYWARD, Clifford Charles - Sgt - 742062 - RAFVR.
    WALKER, Leslie Alfred Nevison - Sgt - 755305 - RAFVR.
    WINBERG, Israel - Sgt - 755989 - RAFVR.
    These three airmen are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
    They were crew of Blenheim IV -- R3748 - 110 Sqn.


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    Default Re: 400724 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-07-1940


    RUSSELL, Norman - AC2c - 985754 - his death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail of July 26th 1940. His motorcycle collided with an Army lorry at Riplingham crossroads. He was heading towards Cottingham and the lorry towards Beverley. He died shortly after being rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary. His pillion, Miss Marjorie Gertrude Eastwood, aged 22, of Hull, was detained in the same hospital in critical condition with head injuries.

    The same newspaper of August 1st reported that she succumbed to her injuries, and the inquest into their deaths. The inquest questioned the removal of 'Danger' signs, which had been removed from the crossroads when other signs which may have been helpful to the enemy had also been removed. A verdict of 'Accidental death' was returned.

    SCHAUFF, Josef - GAF - https://aircrewremembrancesociety3.c...and./index.php

    WACHHOLZ, Willi - GAF - Ju-88A L1+DL of 3(K)/LG1

    Sortie against shipping in the Bristol Channel, shot down by RAF Spitfires and crashed on Martinhoe Common, nr Lynton, Devon, 7.40am. Fw. Willi Wachholz killed. Hptm. D. von Maltitz (Staffelkapitän), Fw. G. Pliefke, Fw. P. Weilmaier captured. Aircraft L1+DL a write-off.
    FF Richard von Maltitz
    BO Paul Weilmaier
    BF Gerhard Piefke
    BS Wilhelm Wachholz



    Researching R.A.F. personnel from the North East of England

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    Default Re: 400724 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-07-1940


    EDWARDS, Alan- AC1 - He was serving at RAF Penrhos when he died in the Caernarvonshire and Anglesey Infirmary, Bangor, from cerebral compression caused by a sub arachnoid haemorrhage due to a congenital aneurysm.


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