I came across a photo on Facebook which listed a number of civilians in Maidstone killed during WW2 - In one case 6 members of one family were killed and I looked further and found this..

"One of Maidstone’s most tragic wartime incidents happened on 10th October 1940,
when a Kenley Hurricane L1928, of No.253 squadron, crashed into houses in Albion Place.
The pilot, Sergeant Harold Henry Allgood #565462, together with two adults and six children,
all from the same family, were sadly killed

10/10/40 Wooding, Elizabeth Annie, 61 Albion Place, Aged 49
Wooding, Brian, 61 Albion Place, Aged 6
Wooding, Brenda Naomi, 61 Albion Place, Aged 14
Wooding, Mavis Patricia, 61 Albion Place, Aged 12
Wooding, Sylvia 61 Albion Place, Aged 10
Wooding, Vera Margaret, 61 Albion Place, Aged 18

Woods, Doris Elizabeth, 61 Albion Place, Aged 29
Woods, Patricia Audrey 61 Albion Place, Aged 7 Months


I corrected the list below and a

Civilian War Dead 1939-1945

To a greater degree than ever before, the 1939-1945 War involved not merely armies, but
entire nations. The names of individuals mean little save to those who knew and loved
them and mourn their loss, and the number of those who mourn will dwindle as the years
pass by. But it is fitting that these names should be enrolled in Westminster Abbey, at the
heart of the Commonwealth and among the most illustrious of the Nation's Dead, in
commemoration of their suffering and as a tribute to their sacrifice.
The Imperial War Graves Commission
London : 1954
Roll of Honour
Rest eternal grant unto them and let light perpetual shine upon them.
02/09/1940 Crundell, Evelyn Grace, 41 Marsham Street
Templeman, Amy Lavinia, 41 Marsham Street

13/9/40 Austin, Kate, 25 Hartnup Street
Cheeseman, Walter Frederick, 8 Paradise Row
Cheeseman, William, 8 Paradise Row
Smitherman, Theresa Jessie, 6 Paradise Row

17/9/40 Bridgland, Rose Minnie, 1 St. Andrews Close

27/9/40 Beeslee, Lewis William, 32 Foster Street
Beeslee, Louisa, 32 Foster Street
Black, Colin George, 34 Foster Street
Black, Edith Maud, 34 Foster Street
Black, Grace Allice, 34 Foster Street
Carter, Vera Constance, 31 Bundling Road
Dodd, Gwendolen Selina, 9 Springfield Avenue
Downs, Henry, allotments, Sandling Road
Elliott, Alfred Ernest, Maidstone East railway
Fiddament, Frederick Walter, 31 George Street
Fryer, Joyce Ena, 31 Sandling Road
Fuller, Arthur Robert, 31 Sandling Road
Gallop, Rowland Christian, Woodville Road
Hallett, James William, 48 George Street
Harris, Alfred Walter, allotments, Sandling Road
Harvey, Ada Alice, 33 Foster Street
Hopperton, Rose, 23 Orchard Street
Larking, Herbert Henry, la Hope Street
Longhurst, Minnie Violet, 50 Brunswick Street
Luck, John William, 4 Rawdon Road
Matthews, Matilda Louise, 8 Moncktons Avenue
Town, Annie Lilian, 31 Sandling Road

30/09/1940 Shergold, Lydia, 50 Bower Mount Road

9/10/40 Beale, Albany, Homestead, Granville Road

10/10/40 Wooding, Elizabeth Annie, 61 Albion Place
Wooding, Brian, 61 Albion Place
Wooding, Brenda Naomi, 61 Albion Place
Wooding, Mavis Patricia, 61 Albion Place
Wooding, Sylvia 61 Albion Place
Wooding, Vera Margaret, 61 Albion Place
Woods, Doris Elizabeth, 61 Albion Place
Woods, Patricia Audrey 61 Albion Place

25/10/40 Adams, Thomas Beaumont, Gas Works
Bourne, Fanny Elizabeth, 12 Muir Road
Jury, Albert Edward, Gas Works
Porter, Elizabeth, 10 Muir Road
Steel, Ellen Elizabeth, 10 Muir Road
Winter, Edward Robert, Gas Works
Wilkins, Annie Maria, 14 Muir Road
Waghorn, Mary Ann, 16 Muir Road

31/10/40 Bellefontaine, Alexander Henry, 10a Mill Street
Coveney, Albert Edward, Mill Street
Hand, Beriah John, Mill Street
May Irene Florence, Mill Street
Moorkite, Ethel Maud, Mill Street
Twyman, Albert Edward, High Street

"The worst day for casualties was 27 September 1940, subsequently named ‘Black Friday’, in which German aircraft
bombed right across the town. It is thought the 22 or 23 people killed may have died
within the two minutes it took for the bombing run to pass over." 22 names above

"Maidstone suffered terrible casualties one day when a lone Dornier, aiming at
Rootes Motor Repair Sheds, dropped a stick of bombs, which landed, in Mill Street
causing awful damage and destroying Levy’s clothes shop. That Dornier passed over
our garden, very low and climbing eastwards.
can still remember the silhouette of the pilot outlined in the cockpit by the sunlight beyond."