I have just received this volume. I was interested in it as a reference book for the different strategies, tactics and materials, but the editors include an exchange between Harris and the Air Ministry that is quite revealing. Also a separate memo from Sidney Buffton, that was very critical of the document. Lots of eye and finger pointing.

I have attached a couple of pages from this volume that provide Bufton's concluding comments on Harris's Despatch: "Little or no reference has been made in the Bomber Command despatch to the winning of the air war over Europe, It was won almost wholly by the American Strategic Bomber (including fighter) Forces, Bomber Command's contribution being small, and incidental, mainly, to city attacks."

I found this conclusion STUNNING and a rebuke to Bomber Command aircrews. Shame on him when the evidence is overwhelmingly otherwise! Just my not so humble opinion. Bufton was a former CO of two different Bomber Command squadrons. His comments are highly unprofessional! That said Harris's despatch is mostly an "Eye Poke" at the Air Ministry. He just couldn’t resist! Quite frankly it could have been so much more than that and sadly Harris himself was responsible for that. Again, just my not so humble opinion. Since after the war, Harris had no standing, his despatch remained unpublished. (They were supposed to be published in the London Gazette).