Hello All,
I am afraid I didn’t pay sufficient attention to threads where the Records of RFC Officers were being sought. I would like a quick tutorial (if somebody would be so kind) into (a) how you obtain the Records, and (b) having obtained them, what are they likely to contain?

I have just discovered that an Uncle – Norman (no additional Forename) Davies – was an Officer in the RFC!!
b. Q3 1900, Reg Cardiff 11a 448 (FREEBMD I am only possibly sure that this is him – there are a lot of Davies’ in Cardiff!!).
4 Nov 1917 Cadet Norman Davies Cmd 2Lt(p) Gen List RFC (LG 9Nov1917 Supp 30377, p 11680).
2/Lieutenant Norman DAVIES Royal Flying Corps. Reference: WO 339/118973 in TNA.
Can’t find anything else on the internet.

I presume I first need a copy of his Birth Cert to obtain the precise date? Then, does one go to Cranwell, or TNA(I am unable to go in person), for copies of his Service Record?
Would appreciate any help or pointers.
Peter Davies