Hi all,

Does anyone have any idea of Gp Capt Frederick Sowrey's posting between his tenure as Station Commander at Tangmere (9 Jun 38-1 Aug 39) and his retirement on 26 May 40, please?

The only clue I have is the UK 1939 Register, which has an entry for him that states, "Group Capt R.A.F., HQ R.A.F.". A tad broad...!

Of course, by then the AFLs had ceased indicating units, so they are of no assistance. As such, I'm hoping that someone else may have come across an ORB entry, or other documentary evidence, that may indicate his whereabouts.

The only other question I have about his career is his tenure on 143 Sqn. I know he commanded the unit from its formation on 14 Feb 18 but - for extra Brownie Points - can anyone indicate when he left the unit, please? I know it was after 22 Oct 18, but it could have been as late as 1 Oct 19 when he became a supernumerary at Uxbridge during a course of study at Cambridge. Does anyone have some information on this, please?