This second volume, spanning six years from 1943 to 1948, covers forty five aircraft accidents involving single-engine types such as the Spitfire, Martinet and Barracuda and twin-engine Hampden, Beaufighter and Mosquito to the big four-engine heavies the likes of Liberator, Fortress and Sunderland.

The reasons behind the majority of these accidents are familiar ones, bad weather, inexperience, machine malfunctions or over confidence, though a small number in which the investigators just failed to find any reason for were generally listed as `Obscure` and with the passage of time, the disappearance of wreckage and all the people involved, these will probably remain that way for ever.

Written in hope that the lives of all these men of various nationalities, many of which were sacrificed for our freedom, will be preserved for posterity and that the children of today will look upon this work as a valuable reference source for years to come.

394 pages illustrated throughout. Accounts of 45 accidents with 195 airmen`s biographies.

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