I am trying to track down a Sgt Ranson who was at 14 OTU in July 1941. He was a passenger on Anson R9606 which force landed while Sgt MacCallum was P1. I have found several Ransons but other than an air gunner who went on to Whitleys and (14 OTU mainly supplied the Hampden Squadrons) none seem to really fit the bill. I don't have an initial or number. One who comes close is Roger Mortlock Ranson (116488) who was killed in June 1942 flying a Lancaster with 44 Squadron. Apart from anything else he farmed close to where I live. That said, most trainee pilots at 14 OTU in mid 1941 had moved on from the unit to a Squadron and completed their tour or been killed before Mid 1942. Is anyone able to shed more light on whether this is my man or not please? Thx Tobin