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Thread: Quetta - air crash 5 Sept 1919 - RAF airplane?

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    Default Re: Quetta - air crash 5 Sept 1919 - RAF airplane?

    Bingo India Newspaper report and source confirming date and numbers in aeroplane

    Only 1 passenger - So I am happy this is Bristol Fighter F4625 pilot

    2Lt William Edward Purdin 48 Sqn


    THROUGH ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Times of India (1861-2010), 15 Sep 1919:

    LAHORE, September 13. A correspondent writes to The Civil and Military Gazette :
    A distressing accident occurred in Quetta about 8 a.m., on the 5th instant, an aeroplane crashing to the ground in the Residency compound and bursting into flames. A passenger seated behind the pilot was pinned under the wreckage. It is understood that the engine failed and the. pilot was scalded by the water from the radiator. He tried to make a landing in the Residency grounds where he crashed. The passenger, Captain Steele, of the 2-3rd Gaur Brahmins, was unable to clear himself from the wreckage and was killed. The funeral took place in the evening with military honours. The pilot and an officer of the R.A.F. escaped with a severe shaking and concussion and is at present in hospital, and progressing favourably.

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    Default Re: Quetta - air crash 5 Sept 1919 - RAF airplane?


    Great find! Thanks for providing name of RAF pilot and aircraft involved. Next on my list is an another RAF 1919 accident, this time in Belgium during a late season snow storm, but will dig first a bit deeper first.


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