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    I am having a devil of a time trying to find the Air 28 station records File Refs for the following.

    RAF Fairford 1943
    RAF Great Dunmow 1943-1945
    RAF Hurn 1943
    RAF Stoney Cross
    RAF Keevil 1944
    RAF Weatherfield 1944/45
    RAF Shepherds Grove 1945

    If some kind could could help, it would be appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Default Re: NA Look-Up

    The National Archives does have a helpful seach page for looking up RAF station records and it can be found here
    Scroll down to the box marked 'name of RAF Station' type it in and bingo!

    RAF Fairford was not constructed until 1944 (according to Wikipedia) so there would not be an ORB for 1943
    RAF Great Dunmow was primarily a USAAF base but the following is held at Kew https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C4098332
    RAF Hurn was primarily a USAAF base but the following is held at Kew https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158511
    RAF Stoney Cross https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158682 and https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158681
    RAF Keevil https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158535
    RAF Wethersfield https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C4098918
    RAF Shepherds Grove https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158657

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