I'm trying to flesh out details mentioned in the ORB of 11 SFTS based at RAF Shawbury about an incident on November 3, 1940, when a Hurricane piloted by the chief flying instructor Squadron Leader P H Maxwell scrambled to intercept a Wellington bomber of 300 Squadron which was on a ferry flight and piloted by Pilot Officer W E J Lewis attached to 9 Ferry Pool, Hawarden.

Basically the Wellington did not respond to requests for identification so after warning shots were ignored Squadron Leader Maxwell tried to shoot it down. The Wellington landed safely however. The ORB does not say whether it was damaged by gunfire - it did suffer some damage in landing at RAF Swinderby - but there were two inquiries. The pilot of the Wellington had his head down map reading.

I can only assume that the Hurricane pilot missed, did not inflict serious damage, or perhaps ran out of ammunition.

Does anybody know any more about it or the personalities involved?