This may be considered as a supplement to an earlier post re Cairo to Cape flight, awards and recommendations. Copied via AIR 2/110. Although none of the April 1920 submissions were approved, they may be of interest to current descendants and to any persons researching immediate post-Great War activities of the RAF.

BAYLY, Leonard Joseph, Captain, Royal Artillery - Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 15 August 1917. Information from Bonham’s Medal catalogue, sale pf 29 September 2010 which named him as Leonard Joseph St. George Bayly.. Born 28 February 1884. To France on 22 September 1914; commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1915. Promoted to Lieutenant 20 May 1915. Noted as wounded in November 4th 1915 GHQ report. He was seconded to the Royal Flying Corps on 10 November 1915 as Flying Officer (Observer). He took his Aviation Certificate on 31 May 1916 on a Maurice Bayly Biplane at the Military School in Gosport. Promoted to Second Lieutenant on 21 July 1916. Promoted to Temporary Captain 6 February 1917; Promoted to Major 11 April 1918; Promoted to Squadron Leader 2 July 1926. He died in a car accident in Rickmansworth, in October 1927. Medals sold with letter commending his role in reconnaissance from Deraa to Baghdad, dated 7 August 1920; letter regarding flying his wife to Heliopolis dated 26 February 1921.

BAYLY, Leonard Joseph, Captain - French Croix de Guerre - awarded as per London Gazette dated 26 September 1917.

BAYLY, Leonard Joseph, Captain - Military Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 7 February 1918.

BAYLY, Leonard Joseph, Captain, Royal Artillery, MC - Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 12 March 1918.“for distinguished and gallant service”, Mesopotamia campaign. Public Record Office AIR 2/110 has recommendation for an OBE, raised in Cairo, 3 April 1920 by A/V/M William Salmond. He was then a Flight Lieutenant and Acting Squadron Leader. “Commanding the Arabian Desert Car Reconnaissance. This officer carried out the reconnaissance of the Arabian Desert as far as ABU KEMAC. Leaving Damascus on 4th August 1919 with the object of reconnoitring and locating emergency landing grounds and obtaining general information. He carried out his duties most efficiently and submitted valuable reports and data. He has performed a most valuable service which is worthy of special reward.”

BUXTON, Vincent, Major - Officer, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 3 June 1919. AIR 2/110 has recommendation dated 3 April 1920 for an OBE (which he already had). For Landing Ground Tour in the Persian Gulf. “For very valuable work in connection with construction of landing ground on the Cairo-Karachi Aerial Route. In the Persian Gulf he carried out his task with great efficiency in spite of very adverse climatic conditions and bad attacks of fever.”

MELVILLE, William Wilson, Second Lieutenant - Army Service Corps (Motor Transport) - AIR 2/110 has recommendation dated 3 April 1920 for an MBE. “On the Arabian Desert Reconnaissance. This officer accompanied A/S/L Bayly and his name was specially brought to my notice for valuable untiring assistance given in connection with this reconnaissance.”

TALBUTT, A.J., Sergeant Mechanic (21855) -AIR 2/110 has recommendation dated 3 April 1920 for an AFM. “For conscientious and valuable work under adverse climatic conditions while employed with No.4 African Survey Party constricting the Cairo-Aden route.”

RICHARDS, F.H., Second Class Airman (410252) -AIR 2/110 has recommendation dated 3 April 1920 for an AFM. “For the construction of Dinan Island Aerodrome, Cairo-Aden Route, this man displayed untiring energy and keenness. Great assistance was rendered by his tactful handling of the natives employed.”