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Thread: 400923 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-09-1940

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    Default 400923 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-09-1940


    400923 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-09-1940

    From Henk's List -

    DANIELS, Frederick Charles - AC1c - 636364 - RAF.
    Chartham Cemetery, Kent.
    Died instantly of a fractured skull received while cycling, he swerved and was hit by a motorcycle.

    JAMES, Arthur Hood - P/O - 88733 - RAFVR - 950 Balloon Sqn.
    Edinburgh (Warriston) Cemetery, Edinburgh.
    Suicide, hung himself at a Hotel in Dunfermline.

    From CWGC -

    AYERS, David Hart - Sgt - 740696 - RAFVR.
    Ipswich New Cemetery, Suffolk.
    Spitfire Ia - P7362 - 74 Sqn.

    BEAUMONT, Walter - P/O - 76308 - RAFVR.
    Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
    Spitfire Ia - R7016 - 152 Sqn.

    COVENTRY, Robert George - F/Lt - 33023 - RAF.
    Down Hatherley (St.Mary and Corpus Christi) Churchyard, Gloucestershire.
    Blenheim IV - L8797 - 17 OTU.

    DOWLEY, Joseph Henry - Sgt - 626734 - RAF.
    Dinnington Church Cemetery, Yorkshire.
    Anson I - N4914 - 1(C) ACF.(enemy action).

    DUNBAR, Alexander Glass - Sgt - 968153 - RAFVR.
    Cardross Churchyard, Dunbartonshire.
    Oxford I - N4637 - 11 SFTS

    GWYNN, Charles Marcel - AC2c - 983903 - RAFVR.
    Pontlliw (Carmel) Baptist Chapelyard, Glamorganshire.
    PULFORD, Norman Henry - Lac - 937486 - RAFVR.
    Sheffield (Shiregreen) Cemetery, Yorkshire.
    These two airmen were crew of Oxford II - N4769 - 11 SFTS.

    REED, Stephen Peter - Captain - ATA
    Troqueer Cemetery, Dumfriesshire.
    Beaufort I - N1177 - 3 FPP.

    ROZMIAREK, Edmund - Kapral - P/780509 - PAF.
    Hucknall Cemetery, Nottinghamshire.
    Battle I - K9480 - 18 OTU.

    HOPP, Willi - GAF.
    LANDRY, Hans Herbert - GAF.
    These two German airmen rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
    Cause of death ?

    GOETZ, Engelbert - GAF.
    Gosport (Ann's Hill) Cemetery, Hampshire.
    Cause of death ?

    KNIPPSCHER, Helmut - GAF.
    Margate Cemetery, Kent.
    Cause of death ?


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    Default Re: 400923 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-09-1940


    The German casualties:

    HOPP, Willi - pilot of unidentified Bf-109 of JG3, shot down over the Channel near Cap Griz Nez, and his body was washed ashore on October 25th 1940.


    LANDRY, Hans Herbert - pilot of Bf109E-4 (#0941) of Stab I/JG3, shot down on August 28th 1940, baled out and captured, but died of his wounds.


    GOETZ, Engelbert - believed to have been a crew member of an He-111 of 4/KG55 shot down near the Isle of Wight:

    ENGELBURT GOTZ, of German Air Force, unknown, age 27, was born on Friday the 30th of May 1913, it is believed that he was aboard one of the German bombers who on the 30th of September who raided the aircraft factory at Yeovil, Somerset, most probably one of the crew of Heinkel III of 4/KG55. The enemy formation had been detected by Ventnor radar station, and RAF Fighters were scrambled to intercept them. Contact was made southwest of the Isle of Wight. Several of the raiders were shot down. After pressing home its attack, and on the return to their home base in northern France, a few more raiders were shot down into the sea. Engelburt Gotz’s body was found floating in the sea between No Man’s Land and Horse Sand, sea forts in the Spithead Anchorage. ENGELBURT GOTZ, was buried on the 17th of October 1940, and at the time he was listed as an unknown German airman. He was given full service honours. His identity was established later, and temporary CWGC cross was amended. ENGELBURT GOTZ is laid to rest in the War Graves Section, Row 7 Grave 8, and is commemorated by a CWG headstone.


    KNIPPSCHER [also spelled KNIPPSCHEER], Helmut - pilot of Bf-109E-4 Yellow 5 W/Nr 1516 of 3/JG54, shot down over Broome Farm, Barham. He baled out over the Channel, but his body was washed ashore on October 27th 1940 at Reculver.



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