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Thread: P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?

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    Default P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?

    Hello everyone

    On May 31st 1942 Wentworth Hubert Charles Beaumont (later Viscount Allendale) of 222 Sqn made a forced-landing on Walcheren (ORB F.540 records 'Walcherew'). He was reported missing, but survived and became a P.o.W. at Stalag Luft III.

    The ORB Form 541 has him in Spitfire AD121, but Air 81 has him in P8755:

    However, he is also recorded in AD121 on the database on here too:

    So, which is correct? AD121 seems to be the one most mentioned.


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