Can anyone in this knowledgeable forum recommend any books or other resources that examine/explain the duties/responsibilities of RAF positions: i.e. sqn commanders, flight commanders, ground crew, wing commanders, the “W/C Flying” on a wing, etc.
There is a considerable literature on this sort of thing for armies, but very little on air forces. Any recommendations appreciated.
What I’m interested in is not just the org charts, which are readily available. Org charts make the structure clear, but I am interested in how those positions actually worked. ]Their respective duties, how they interacted, and what in modern parlance would be called the “work flow.”
In fact, air force practice, in flying units, differs significantly from army practice in ground units. This is because, in the army, commanders at all levels physically lead their entire organization into battle in person. In flying units, on the other hand, the commander may or may not be physically present on any given sortie. Furthermore, what a flying unit really does is send out sorties from its air field -- the whole unit does not work altogether every time.
The upshot of this is that flying units are often "functionally" organized, e.g one of the flight commanders in the sqn will be responsible for say for example, air gunnery in the sqn, and will thus serve as the expert on that for the sqn, oversee training for all the air gunners (not just those in his own flight), etc. On top of that "functional" responsibility, that officer would also lead a flight (i.e. manage/administer those crews, sign their leave passes and such) and fly on ops when so tasked in the roster.
What I am looking for is explanation/discussion about this sort of thing.