PROBERT, Geoffrey Harry, F/L (135457, RAFVR) - No.630 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 11 July 1944. With that unit, November 1943 to June 1944. Operations to Berlin several times, Leipzig (hit by flak), Stettin, Augsburg (three-engine return), Nuremberg, Tours marshaling yard, Munich, Mailly-le-Camp, troops, Gardening in Kiel Bay (shot up by Ju.88). Medals and Log Book were sold at auction by Christie’s 24 July 1990; catalogue gives details including recommendation:

As captain of aircraft this officer has participated in very many attacks on targets in Germany, including seven against Berlin. Throughout he has set a fine example of skill and his determination to make every sortie a success has won much praise. On a recent occasion, during a mine-laying mission, his aircraft was damaged in an encounter with a fighter. Although . the rear turret was put out of action and the starboard elevator and the tailplane were damaged, Flight Lieutenant Probert-. went on to complete his task successfully.

Recommendation read:

Flight Lieutenant Probert has completed a very successful tour of operations which included seven attacks on Berlin. Amongst other targets which he has attacked are Leipzig, Magdeburg, Stettin, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and Nuremberg. He is an excellent captain of aircraft and has consistently shown determination to attack his allotted target under adverse circumstances. On the night of 21st May 1944, he was detailed to lay mines in Kiel Bay, When still 200 miles from the target area, his aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter and suffered damage to starboard elevator and tail plane, and the rear turret was put out of action. Despite this, Flight Lieutenant Probert pressed on and successfully completed his mission, which was the last of his operational tour.