Flying Officer Frederick Arthur Darlington (174558) – No.7 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 16 February 1945; no published citation. Following from Spink auction catalogue. The recommendation states:

“This officer has completed a double tour of Path Finder Force duty and has completed 71 operational sorties, all on this Squadron, and all in a marker crew. Flying Officer Darlington has always been outstanding as an Air Gunner. His skillful handling of his guns, his initiative and strong devotion to duty have on several occasions enabled his captain to avoid air combat, and on occasions where attacks have actually developed his aggressive action, has driven off the attacking fighter with one “probable accredited”. Flying Officer Darlington’s superb courage, utter coolness in facing danger, and complete disregard of self, have set a fine example to the Squadron. The high standard of efficiency that Flying Officer Darlington has always set himself cannot be too highly commended. It is believed that 71 marker trips constitute a record in the Path Finder Force, and in view of his long service with no award he is strongly recommended for a non immediate Distinguished Service Order.

Flight Lieutenant Frederick Arthur Darlington, DFC, served as Air Gunner with No. 7 Squadron (Lancasters), one of the original five Squadrons which had formed the nucleus of the Pathfinder Force, 1942; Log Book entries, 1943-45 include: “28.2.43. War ops, St. Nazaire; 3.3.43. War opp-Hamburg-flack splinters; 5.3.43. Essen-flack splinters; 8.3.43. War-opp-Nurnburg; 9.3.43. War-opp-Essen, returned on three engines; 14.4.43. Opp-Stuttgart. Combat with Ju.88. Pipe line hit and made US; 16.4.43. Manheim. Shot up factory and a train on return journey; 11.4.44. Night fighter affiliation; 28.9.44. Day War Ops Calais…. 7.10.44. Day War Ops. Emmerich… 19.10.44. War Ops: Stuttgart. P.W. markers (copied operations reports sold with the group give further details).