The following is incomplete as I appear to be lacking the last part. Anyone with access to AIR2/4922 would be doing a service if they could supply the missing text.

WATSON, Anthony, Squadron Leader, DFC (41399) – No. 272 Squadron – Distinguished Service Order – awarded as per London Gazette dated 4 December 1942. Recommendation dated 26 November 1942 found in Air 2/4922 as a message to Air Ministry.

An immediate award of the D.S.O. has been made to acting S/L Anthony Watson, D.F.C. (41339) of 272 Squadron arrived in Malta, 6 November 1942 and since that date has carried out 3 successful operations on consecutive days led by S/L Watson. On 10 November, 9 aircraft carried out a highly successful low-level attack on El Acheila Aerodrome destroying at least 12 aircraft on the ground and damaging 17 others. On 11 November 1942, when on anti SM Transport patrol one He.115 was destroyed. On 12 November, 7 aircraft were despatched to attack a Tunisian aerodrome, whilst en route, a formation of 6 SM82s were encountered and all destroyed, S/L Watson shooting down 3 of these aircraft in flames. From these operations only 1 aircraft has been lost. This officer has carried out over 20 ground strafes on enemy aerodromes and has destroyed over 30 enemy aircraft on the ground. He has led his flight and squadron on road strafes shipping sweeps convoy escorts and strike escorts during the course of which many enemy vehicles fighters and E-boats have been destroyed and damaged. His contribution including 1 Schooner destroyed. S/L Watsons’ score to date is 10 bombers and 1 enemy fighter destroyed and 6 probably destroyed. This officer’s successes have been a notable feature of the recent offensive flying from Malta which is materially assisting and new allied offensive on French north Africa. He is gallant and fearless leader whose eagerness to engage the enemy inspires his squadron. The results achieved by the Squadron are an indication of his magnificent leadership which . . . INCOMPLETE