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    Default Mosquito DZ459

    I am in the process of researching some aircraft crashes in the Bedfordshire area and have found some conflicting information, which i would like to resolve.

    It is claimed that Mosquito DZ459 crashed at Turvey in Bedfordshire on the 18th July 1943, killing Captain O.B. STENE and Lieutenant K. LÍCHEN of the Norwegian Air Force. The aircraft was on a training flight and was attached to 1655 MTU.

    A second Mosquito, also identified as DZ459, is claimed to have crashed in a field near Sober Hall, at High Leven Farm, Thornaby,Yorkshire on the 11th November 1943, killing the crew of two, F/Lt Alan J F Symes RCAF & Sgt Edward Lyon RAFVR. The aircraft is shown as being attached to 8(C)OTU.

    Is it likely that the aircraft was repaired after the first crash, or is it just a case of someones typing error?

    I do understand the complexities of aircraft crash research and would like to clear this up. Can anyone help please?


    Paul Johnson

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    Hi Paul,

    Mosquito FB.VI (DZ495) was lost 18Jul43 with 1655 MTU

    Mosquito FB.VI (DZ459) was lost 11Nov43 with 8(C) OTU

    Best Regards

    Andy Fletcher
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    Scarletspitfire Guest


    Hi Andy,

    Thank you very much for the reply and the info.

    Looks like a typo caused the confusion. I'll let the author know.

    Thanks again.


    Paul Johnson

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