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Thread: F/Sgt Edward Balkwill (565844) BEM

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    Default F/Sgt Edward Balkwill (565844) BEM

    Hi .. have found an archive link to show when this chap was awarded BEM on a page created afew years ago by Hugh Halliday.. and in it there is mention of some actual citations in existence.
    My ask is would you Hugh have one for F/Sgt Balkwill ? .. apparently with 267sdn ? ..there is a page on the site that has the BEM details as 8th june 1945
    Kind regards

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    Default Re: F/Sgt Edward Balkwill (565844) BEM

    Hello All,
    Edward Balkwill
    m. Q4 1913 Balkwill, Edward*, m Lily G McCarthy, Reg Islington 1b 716
    b. 24 Jul 1916, Balkwill, Edward, [MMS] McCarthy, Reg Islington 1b 227
    e. 1932 Balkwill, Edward, 565844, RAF (565844-566009 Apps aircraft, Entry 25 Halton Jan-32).
    a. 14 Jun 1945 BEM 565844 Flight Sergeant Edward BALKWILL, Royal Air Force. (LG 8 June 1945, Sup37119 p.2966)
    m.(poss?) Q2 1951 BALKWILL, Edward, m (Margaret J) CRAWFORD, Reg Uxbridge 5f 289 (no progeny?).
    d. 1988 Balkwill, Edward, Reg Newark 8 533

    * A/Sgt in REs WW1?

    Another “Brat” made good?
    Peter Davies
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    Default Re: F/Sgt Edward Balkwill (565844) BEM

    BALKWILL, Edward, Flight Sergeant (565844, Royal Air Force - No.267 Squadron - British Empire Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 14 June 1945. Public Record Office Air 2/9056, courtesy of Steve Brew, has citation.

    This airman has been with the squadron since October 1943 as Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of the Servicing Flight and he has shown excellent powers of leadership, organisation and self-reliance. His efforts have been particularly noteworthy during recent operations in Greece when 100 percent aircraft serviceability had to be maintained under difficult weather conditions. His conscientious and unselfish devotion to duty has in no small measure contributed to the ability of pilots to keep their aircraft flying. Flight Sergeant Balkiwell has a very high sense of duty and discipline which is reflected in the personnel serving under him.

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