DISBREY, William Daniel, Flight Lieutenant (33052) – Air Force Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 January 1939. Information from Spink catalogue of 5 November 2003, transcribed by Huguette Mondor Oates. The recommendation states:

‘This officer has a fine record of night deck landings (many being made during the Abyssinian crisis), off Alexandria, - and by his experimental work has been largely responsible for the present standardisation of deck lighting, and the high state of training obtaining on H.M.S. Glorious regarding night operations.’

DISBREY, William Daniel, Wing Commander, AFC (33052) – Officer, Order of the British Empire – awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1943. The recommendation states:

‘This officer has been employed as an engine specialist since March 1941 and has been responsible for operational development work on new types of engines in addition to a heavy load of routine work. He has displayed a high standard of knowledge both as a technical expert and as a pilot and in this dual capacity has given expert advice and assistance to operational units which have been of great benefit to other pilots. By his keen, unselfish and energetic, efforts many problems have been solved and he has proved a most valuable member of Fighter Command’.

DISBREY, William Daniel, Acting Air Commodore, OBE, AFC – Commander, Order pf the British E,[ire – awarded as per London Gazette dated 14 June 1945. The recommendation states:

‘This officer has been the Chief Engineer Officer of the Second Tactical Air Force since June, 1943. He has been responsible for building up the complete repair organization for the Units in the Field, for example ten Repair and Salvage Units, five M.T. Light Repair Units, three Group Support Units etc. As a result of his efforts, a very high standard of technical efficiency has been maintained in the Second Tactical Air Force Squadrons. Furthermore, an efficient Mobile Repair and Salvage Service has been built up under his care and this has enabled the Second Tactical Air Force to maintain a high serviceability rate in the field, both before and during the Normandy operations as well as during the later advances’.

DISBREY, William Daniel, Air Vice-Marshal, CBE, AFC – Companion, Order of the British Empire – awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 June 1963.

Air Vice-Marshal William Daniel Disbrey, C.B., C.B.E., A.F.C., C. Eng., F.I.Mech.E., F.R.Ae.S., born 1912, joined the Royal Air Force 1928; Pilot Officer 1933, with No. 3 Fighter Squadron; Flying Officer 1934, with Fleet Air Arm in H.M.S. Glorious and Courageous; Squadron Leader 1940, Engineer Officer No. 13 Fighter Group and Headquarters Fighter Command; Wing Commander 1943, Engineer Planning Duties for Invasion of Europe Force; Group Captain 1946, Chief Engineer Officer 2nd Tactical Air Force and British Air Forces of Occupation; Air Commodore 1958; Air Vice-Marshal 1965; retired 1970.