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Thread: Navigator/Observer Book?

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    Gaudet Guest

    Default Navigator/Observer Book?

    I have a veteran that is looking for a book about Navigators/Observers and written by someone names "? Gates". He's not familiar with the title but thinks it might be called something to the effect of "Nadders"... The book has many first person experiences of Navigators and one was of an old friend.

    Any suggestion on this book or are you confused as much as I am? His memory is a little off as it should be for a 86 year old vet.

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    Default Nadders/Observers and Navigators

    Go to & click on books.Then put in Nadders or Observers and Navigators in the Search box .
    There are a few with "A Nadder book " in the title & books about Observers and Navigators including one by a WW2 RCAF Navigator, Stephen King. "Your loving son " have some as well but I presume .com is nearer to home ?

    I have secondhand Air Navigation manuals part 1 & 2 general editor E Molloy but I don't think this is what you are looking for ?


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    Timothy Dubé Guest

    Default Nadir to Zenith

    This would be Nadir to Zenith: An Almanac of Stories by Canadian Military Navigators compiled by Moe Gates and Bill Hockney. Volume 1 is hard cover, 6" x 9", 409 pp., photos, illustrations, etc., it retailed for $29.95 when it came out in 2002. Copies were available from the book store at the National Air Force Museum of Canada at Trenton.
    Volume 2 came out in 2006. It's about the same size, but I haven't yet purchased this volume.

    Timothy Dubé
    National President
    Canadian Aviation Historical Society

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    Gaudet Guest


    Ah! That's it! Thanks Timothy

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    Timothy Dubé Guest

    Default Nadir to Zenith

    Both volumes of Nadir to Zenith are available from Larry Milberry through CANAV Books. See items 110 and 111.

    Timothy Dubé
    National President
    Canadian Aviation Historical Society

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