I found my great uncle listed in the 542nd War List published in the Toronto Star, April 7, 1943 p9.

He was listed as "Seriously Ill" I know that he was shipped back in the Summer and retired in September.

I was wondering if anyone had insight into timing for the list. If he was listed as "seriously ill" on April 7, how long would it have taken for him to be ill before he made the list?

I'm trying to bracket the end of his flying days as I don't have his records yet.

The family story is he saw a crewmate shot in the face during a mission then was unable to deal with it. So the illness would be catastrophic PTSD although his local paper back here in Canada gave a cover story for illness due to the "damp climate" which was clearly nonsense.

The story details in his diary seem a bit confused (the name of his crewmate had to be wrong after I checked it -- probably transposed in his memory) but I think there are threads of reality in his notes.